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WOON Reindeer Games
Insider’s Tip Sheet


Dancer:  A good “show” bet.  She always seems to tip-toe her way into the front of the pack.  Not a strong finisher in the longer races though.  Dancer is a possibility to win a 7 or 8 furlong race but is a long shot, at best, to finish in the top there in races over a mile.


Vixen:  A heart stealer.  She saves her best for the stretch.  Vixen can knock off even the fastest reindeer when she stays within a length or two of the leader.  Don’t ever count her out, especially in races of a mile or longer.


Prancer:  Can win down the stretch, especially if there is a pack of reindeer coming out of the final turn.  Fancy hoof-work helps Prancer to get good position around the turns.  Prancer is a good choice in the top three in races of 7, 8 or 9 furlongs.


Blitzen:  He likes to stay in the middle of the pack until after the second turn and then he picks up some speed.  Blitzen doesn’t win many short races but is a good pick for races over a mile.  He also keeps his head down and runs hard in the snow.


Cupid:  You’ll love what Cupid can do down the stretch.  She can shoot like an arrow right to the head of the pack.  Cupid is a good pick on a fast track in the really long races of 1 1/8th mile or more.  She is a bad pick for a snowy track.


Donner (a/k/a Donder):  “Mr. Consistency.”   When the front runners start to fade, there’s Donner ready to move to the front.  He’s a long shot to win but will finish in the top three very frequently.  Although he runs well in the snow, the length of the race doesn’t seem to increase or decrease his chances.


Comet:  Every so often, Comet will go on a streak and leave the other reindeer in his trail.  Comet can also run out of steam on a long race but will do well in races of under a mile.


Dasher:  If he gets a quick jump out of the gate, he can hold on for a finish.  He has a tendency to take an early lead and fizzle out down the stretch in the really long races but is a good pick in races of 9 furlongs to 1 1/8 mile.


Rudolph:  Runs good in a snowstorm and while he is good at “showing the way”, he is not one of the fastest reindeer.  Could always win by a nose in a short race of 7 or 8 furlongs but doesn’t fare well on the long races unless it’s a snowy track. 


Reindeer Game Prizes

Grand Prize - $500 Gift Card to Family Discount Furniture

1st Prize - $300 Gift Card to Kay’s Restaurant

2nd Prize – 6 admission tickets to Mystic Aquarium