In conjunction with the town’s annual Yellow Bag Day, the Cumberland Historic District Commission is organizing an extensive cleanup of the town’s forty Historic Cemeteries.  Volunteers are needed for a few hours daily from April 1 through April 7, 2024.  Hours for cleanup will be 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon and 4:00 PM-6:00 PM every day. 

                   Volunteers will rake, bag leaves, trim bushes, pick up trash and make note of broken/fallen headstones. Leaf bags and yellow trash bags will be provided.  Volunteers are asked to arrive at the first cemetery listed on the following schedule fifteen minutes before the starting times of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  Directions will then be given as to what cemetery they will be assigned to clean.  Please wear comfortable clothes, heavy gardening gloves and bring a sturdy rake and garden shears (if you have them). Whatever time that people can give would be greatly appreciated!


                              CUMBERLAND CEMETERY CLEANUP SCHEDULE: 2024

April 1, 2024-Monday

CU 018 Nate Whipple Highway- The Pickering/Staples Family Lot-Near NCMS

CU 017 Nate Whipple Highway- The Staples Family Lot-opposite Cumb. Land Trust area

CU 016 Nate Whipple Highway-The Weeden Family Lot---near Mendon Road

April 2, 2024-Tuesday

CU 013, CU 014, CU 015 Mendon Road-The Brown Bartlett and Carpenter Family Cemeteries- on CHS property

CU 009 Mendon Road- The Ballou Cemetery-next to Veterinary Hospital

CU 010 Mendon Road-St. John’s Episcopal Cemetery-next to Veterinary Hospital

April 3, 2024-Wednesday

CU 027 Elder Ballou Meeting House Road-Elder Ballou Cemetery

CU 028 Elder Ballou Meeting House Road-Whipple Smith Cemetery

April 4, 2024- Thursday

CU 004 Dexter Street- Bates Family Plot

CU 004 Dexter Street- Cumberland Cemetery

CU 032 Angell Road-Wilkinson Cemetery

CU 001 High Street- St. Patrick’s Cemetery

April 5, 2024-Friday

CU 029 Reservoir Road-Darling/Streeter Family Lot (inside Diamond Hill Cemetery)

CU 008 Mendon Road- St. Joseph Cemetery

CU 022 Nate Whipple Highway- Evergreen Cemetery

CU 023 Nate Whipple Highway-Arnold Mills Cemetery

April 6, 2024-Saturday

CU 038 Reservoir Road-Whipple/Long Family Plot

CU 024 Reservoir Road-Old and New Diamond Hill Cemetery

CU 025 Reservoir Road-Old and New Diamond Hill Cemetery

April 7, 2024-Sunday

CU 019 Abbott Run Valley Road-The Peck Cemetery

CU 020 Abbott Run Valley Road-Pierce Cemetery

CU 021 Abbott Run Valley Road- The Metcalf/Pierce Cemetery

CU 005 Curran Road-Cemetery of St. Basil the Great

CU 006 Curran Road Mt. Calvary Cemetery


If time permits: The following also need attention!

  • CU 040 Teal Lane- Unknown Cemetery
  • CU 011 Diamond Hill Road-Our Lady of Atonement Cemetery-Monastery Property
  • CU 012 Diamond Hill Road –Nine Men’s Misery Cairn-Monastery Property


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