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The President is looking over the case of a former U.S. service member charged with the murder of a suspected Taliban bomb maker responsible for the deaths of two Marines. In a tweet, President Trump said he is reviewing the case of Major Matthew Golsteyn who could face the death penalty. The tweet signals that Trump could be considering pardoning the U.S. Army Green Beret.       The cause of death for a seven-year-old Guatemalan girl who died in Border Patrol custody is still pending this morning. However, the Department of Homeland Security says Jakelin Caal Maquin likely died from sepsis shock. The girl was taken into custody with her father and a large group of migrants in New Mexico earlier this month and died just hours later. Officials say her temperature at one point was nearly 106-degrees.        Former FBI Director James Comey will be back in front of GOP lawmakers today on Capitol Hill. Republican leaders requested the closed-door testimony despite already questioning him about a decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her emails earlier this month. After facing the two House committees that time, Comey said he was frustrated to be talking about the email situation once again.       [[ note nature ]]       The priests accused of sexually abusing minors are expected to be identified by two branches of the biggest order of Catholic priests. The Midwest and Maryland branches of the Jesuits are expected to release their lists of abusive priests today dating back more than 60 years. One of those priests is Donald J. O'Shaughnessy, who's accused of repeatedly raping a boy at a private Catholic school in suburban Chicago.       Google is expanding in New York City. The tech giant announced this morning that it's creating a new campus at Hudson Square. Google plans to double the number of employees in New York over the next decade, and has more than seven-thousand employees already working in the Big Apple.        A house linked to a woman who narrowly escaped death in the Salem witch trials is up for sale for 975-thousand-dollars. Sarah Clayes moved to the Framingham area in 1693, after her trial. There's some question about whether she actually lived in the house about a half-hour west of Boston but historians say it's on the site where Clayes and relatives homesteaded. The house has five bedrooms, six fireplaces, and two and-a-half baths.