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--We will start this week by recognizing two local events which address serious problems of our time.  First, this Saturday at 11am at River Island Park in Woonsocket, Bishop Herson Gonzalez and a group of concerned clergy and community leaders will gather to orchestrate the Woonsocket Day of Prayer. 

  At first mention, you probably think this is very nice, but not for you.  I would disagree. 

  No matter how you choose to pray, or to whom or what, if you consider it carefully for even a moment I think we can all agree that prayer is a good thing for everyone.  You may pray to a deity, a savior, or a saint.  Or you may just sit in reflective thought, sorting out circumstances in your own mind.  These differences mean little when compared to the beneficial effects anyone can enjoy from the act of praying.

  In my experience, praying, in whatever form, brings positive results to every life.  I think it is not engaged-in nearly often enough.  Whether you are a member of an organized church, or even if you haven’t quite sorted it all out yet, you’ll feel good and heal yourself from the inside out by joining in at Woonsocket’s Day of Prayer this Saturday.  It’s not about bringing people together with one belief.  It’s about bringing people together, regardless of their beliefs.

 Bringing people together is good for any community.  This event does it in a refreshing and renewing way.  I offer my applause and appreciation to those behind the Woonsocket Day of Prayer and their sincere efforts to bring our community together.

 Before I close on this subject, I thought I’d include part of a press release I received from them outlining he preliminary plans.  Look to see who is involved.  I think you’ll be as impressed as I am.

Working Program for Woonsocket Day of Prayer 2017

A Call To Prayer - Father Peter Tierney 

1. The Lord’s Prayer: Pastor Valerie

2. Welcome to WDP: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt

3. National Anthem: Calvary Singers

4. Prayer [for] Local Government Officials: Pastor Dorian Parker      Governor, Senators, Congressmen, Mayor, City Council

5. Safety and prayer for Wild Fires in California: Chief Shatraw

6. Prayer For Hurricane Victims in Houston, Florida & Puerto Rico: Pastor Axel Ramos

7. Speaks about Safety (Las Vegas Massacre): Chief Thomas Oats

8. Prayer of City-Wide Repentance: Pastor Eugene Kinlow

9. Prayer For Woonsocket Economic Revival: Pastor Ricci

10.Prayer For Peace: Father Dennis Reardon

11. Love Thy Neighbor: Father John Kiley

12.Prayer For Spiritual Revival: Pastor Jeff Mount

13.Prayer For Families: Pastor Rebecca Lambert

14.Prayer For Educators and Students: Asst. Superintendent Jenny Chan-Remka

15.Prayer For Orphans, Widows, Elderly, Prisoners, Hungry and Homeless: Leo Fontaine

16.Prayer For People Suffering with Additions: Rev. Jeffery Thomas

17.Prayer For Victims of Domestic Violence: Father Henry Wos

  The Woonsocket Day of Prayer is this Saturday, October 28th, at 11am at River Island Park.



 --There’s a lot to be concerned about these days.  And there are a lot of ways to die.  I think one of the most insidious ways to die is from Alzheimer’s Disease.  I’ve seen it up close in both friends and family, as you may have.  It is death by torture for the victim.  And it is an agonizing heartache at best for on-looking friends and family.  That’s why I wanted to tell you about the Alzheimer’s Partnership in Bellingham which is having a free Caregiver’s Forum, conducted by trained professionals, on November 17th  at 12:45pm at the Bellingham Senior Center on Blackstone Street. 

  Please reserve your spot by November 14th by calling 1-800-272-3900. 

  You know, here at the radio station we see Silver Alert Missing Person Messages come into the newsroom with regularity and it is notable that the majority seem to be for people suffering from Alzheimer’s.  It’s a terrible thing.  You can also phone Michelle Kohn at the Bellingham Senior Center at 1-508-966-0398 if you need more information about the event.



--On a lighter note, Halloween is getting to be a really big holiday in recent years.  We have a store in Woonsocket which is dedicated exclusively to Halloween costumes and decorations.  This year they opened a second location in our city.  Business must be good.   

  Driving around the area this past weekend I saw many properties decorated quite nicely already.  A business on Pulaski Blvd. in Bellingham was festooned with dozens of huge inflatable Halloween character decorations, and one porch in Woonsocket sported several very real looking coffins standing up against the railings.  It well may be that Halloween decorations are becoming equal to those of Christmas this year.

 It’s all in good fun, I suppose, though we should be sure to consider the feelings of those whose deeply-held beliefs disapprove of any of this.  But the rest of us can have our fun.  Hey, not everybody celebrates Christmas, either!  Just keep a thought for safety and………”Don’t lose your head”………heh, heh!



--That’s what I think.  What do you think?  Comments to: dave@onworldwide.com or postal mail to Dave Richards, WOON Radio, 985 Park Avenue, Woonsocket, RI 02895-6332. 




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