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--I don’t know how the folks here at the newspaper do it day after day, but I can tell you it’s not easy coming up with something to write about that won’t depress everyone, including the writer.

  I’m sure you don’t want to read another column about these “unchartered waters” or “unprecedented happenings”.  Those phrases and others like them are quickly becoming cliché’ these days.   But, as with anything big and bad as this is, it tends to bring out the best and the worst in people.  Yes, the news wires are full of people mis-behaving, but the vast majority of people are quietly taking this disaster as it comes and complying with the restrictions imposed by our governments.  I can tell this.

  When I look at the news wire, I do see the stories about dum-dums like the preacher who was arrested by the county sheriff for conducting church services as a group.  But I can also tell you that the pages of anti-social behavior are shorter than usual.  Seriously.  Story count is down 30% to 40%.  Even in this world where it seems that anything out-of-the-ordinary becomes national news, where I might have two printed pages of novelty stories, I have recently been seeing less than a full page.  That tells me something.

  It tells me that we have just as many fools in the world today as we have always had.  And it proves to my satisfaction that there are far more good people in the world than bad. 

  The majority of families see to it that their children learn a new discipline inside the house and tend to their virtual class assignments.  The school departments and even the governor herself have all said they were prepared for less cooperation than they have received and they are delighted with the efforts of students and parents alike to make this new project work.

  Are there grumbles?  Yes.  It’s only natural that one might express displeasure with unwanted and uncomfortable change.  But the vast majority of people today are doing what they need to do to get through it with dignity and a smile if they can muster it. 


--There are those saying now that the real test will be a month from now when restrictions are still in place and the cheerful dispositions fade.  That may be so, but I feel confident that the vast majority will take a deep breath, breath a gentle sigh, and get back to what must be done.  I really believe that.

  Here’s something to look forward to.  Among the thousands of events which are being cancelled is this Saturday’s scheduled Children’s Easter Egg Hunt in Woonsocket.  I spoke this week with our Park & Rec Director, Liz Kerrigan, by telephone (of course), to see what her thoughts were regarding a reschedule of this very popular event.  She told me it’s just too early to pick a new date now.  Until you know when restrictions will be lifted you can’t even guess, she said.

  We both agreed, though, on one thing.  When our government leaders sound the ‘all clear’ and allow us to once again gather outside our homes, there will be a time of public rejoicing unlike anything seen in this century.

  Liz told me she’s planning on a BIG Independence Day celebration.


  Me too.


 --That's what I think. What do you think? Comments to: dave@onworldwide.com or postal mail to Dave Richards, WOON Radio, 985 Park Avenue, Woonsocket, RI 02895-6332.  Thanks for reading.









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