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--Today is March 4th.  It is the only day of the year which is not only one of the 366 consecutive dates of the calendar, but can also be used as a command.

  Locally we have used it to point out the positive and constructive things people do.  You see, ordinary people do extraordinary things, sometimes.

  Like the two paramedics recently commended by the Woonsocket City Council.  You never know when something will happen and somebody will rise to the occasion.  History is full of these stories. 

  Dad said it best when he told a very young me, “most of life is showing up and trying, Dave.  Opportunities are lost while you decide if you want to take them, so step up to the plate and swing the bat.  The worst you can do is strike out.  And don't worry about striking out.  It’s been done before, and by greater people than you.  Live life.  Try and fail bravely.  Try and win triumphantly.  Fear is your enemy.  In fact the only thing fear is good for is for making you brave.  You cannot be brave if you weren’t afraid first and then did what needed to be done in spite of the fear.”

  Dad had a lot of sage advice like that.  And since my dad is no longer with us, let me take the chance to remind you all to avoid those whose selfish purpose is to frighten you.  Yes, I’m going to talk about the coronavirus matter again.


--I have mentioned before in these pages my concerns over the decisions made by others in my profession.  Many of them are well-meaning people who don’t think about the effect their news stories have on the average person.  Sadly, a few do think about it and stir up fear anyway because they like doing it.

  In an episode reminiscent of global warming, there are people who just cannot control themselves and will seize any real situation and exploit it for their own political purposes.  First, we are told to pay attention to government advisories regarding the spread of coronavirus.  Then, people who work for the government or support an elected official tell you that coronavirus is caused by other people in the government the first group doesn’t like.  We know better than this, so we don’t buy that foolishness and we stop listening to it.  When we stop listening to them, they scream a little louder and make up stories to get our attention again.  Then they add numbers to the story which no one can really verify. 

  Oh my goodness.  A ‘death toll’.  This must be really serious or they wouldn’t be counting the dead, we think.  Then the stories hit, somebody “might” have it and they live near us! 

  I am ashamed at the alarmist stories being pushed on us by some members of my chosen profession.  And I wish you all will think about what is really happening here.

  Fact:  There really is a very serious illness out there.  It responds reasonably well to medical treatment available here in the U.S., if treated early.  They don’t have the same medical treatments available in Communist China, Iran, or apparently, in Italy.

  Another Fact:  The people of the world travel more today than at any time in history.  This provides an easy route from areas of widespread infection to other areas of the planet.  Because of this we all need to be mindful of how to avoid catching this virus and also mindful of how to help others from catching or spreading it. 

  Conclusion:  We really are all gonna die.  But not today.  And not from this coronavirus.  Avoid fear.  Take appropriate precautions, calmly and deliberately.  Help others you care about to do the same.  Brush your teeth and say your prayers.  But step up to the plate every day and live your life.  Do not let fear stop you from living.

  God Bless.


--That's what I think. What do you think? Comments to: dave@onworldwide.com or postal mail to Dave Richards, WOON Radio, 985 Park Avenue, Woonsocket, RI 02895-6332.  Thanks for reading.









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