Woonsocket City Council Regular Meeting - Nov 07 2022


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City Council Regular Meeting - Nov 07 2022



President Biden says Russian leader Vladimir Putin has "already lost Ukraine." A day after his State of the Union Address, Biden gave an interview with PBS Newshour and said there's "no way" Russia will succeed in its occupation of Ukraine. He touted NATO's coordinated support and stressed that American aid to Ukraine is vital. The President also confirmed that American aid to Ukraine is open-ended.        President Biden is skeptical of Republicans insisting they don't want to cut Social Security and Medicare. While speaking in Wisconsin, Biden claimed some Republicans want to "sunset" entitlements, naming Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and Utah Senator Mike Lee. Biden's remarks come after Republicans booed him during his State of the Union address when he made the same claim.        The House is passing a bill to end COVID vaccine requirements for foreign air travelers. The CDC requires all adults who aren't citizens or permanent U.S. residents to show proof of a COVID vaccination before flying to the country. According to the U.S. Travel Association, the United States is the only country that has kept the policy.       At least one person is dead and several others are injured after a vacant building partially collapsed in Baltimore on Wednesday night. It happened after a car crashed into the structure. First responders were initially looking for at least two people who were suspected to be trapped underneath the building. Police say at least one pedestrian was struck by falling debris.       A Texas man is under arrest for allegedly beating up a cop during the Capitol Riot. Jason Farris was seen at the front of a mob that broke through metal bicycle racks, which had been set up as barricades. According to court papers, Farris shouted an expletive-laden tirade before shoving the officer in the back, knocking him to the ground. In the two years since the attack, nearly one-thousand people have been arrested.       The NFL commissioner is standing up for the league's officials. Roger Goodell said he doesn't believe that officiating in the NFL has "ever been better" when speaking at his annual Super Bowl week news conference. Goodell went on to mention that with the amount of plays in a single season, referees "are not perfect and officiating never will be." The national spotlight has been on officiating following some questionable calls in the league's conference championship games last month