Office of the Mayor




Woonsocket Announces Repairs to Sections of

Halsey, Marshall, Nimitz, Priscilla, and Patton Roads

after National Grid Infrastructure Work


WOONSOCKET, R.I.: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt announced today that sections of Halsey Rd., Marshall Rd., Nimitz Rd, Priscilla Rd., and Patton Rd. that have undergone recent infrastructure work to gas mains by the National Grid Gas Company will be repaired by the Grids contractor, Hartford Paving, under the direction of the Woonsocket Department of Public Works. Milling work on these roads is expected to start on Tuesday, May 3rd with paving beginning Thursday May 5th. The City expects that all National Grid repairs to these roads will be completed within two weeks.

Mayor Baldelli-Hunt stated, "I am pleased to announce the start of National Grids "mill and pave" season for 2022. My administration has always recognized the importance of good roads across our City for the enjoyment and safety of our residents, businesses, and visitors. Working with the National Grid to repair in a timely and complete manner sections of roads they have recently done gas main work is a big part of our overall road reconstruction program." The Mayor added, "Our Department of Public Works will monitor the Grids road repairs during the 2022 season to make sure these roads are left in as good or better condition as they were prior to the Grids infrastructure work."

Public Works Director Steve DAgostino stated, "We have exacting standards for repairing roads in Woonsocket and the National Grid has been a good partner with the City in reconstructing the roads they do gas main work on. We are beginning the Grids 2022 mill and pave program in the Halsey Rd. neighborhood and will be announcing the timing for road work in other City areas as soon as we are notified by the Grid."

Sections of the roadways involved for milling, and repaving on May 3rd and May 5th, respectively, are:


Halsey Rd. Knollwood Rd. to Elder Ballou Meeting House Rd.

Halsey Rd. Intersection of Halsey Rd. and Lemay Rd.

Marshall Rd. Halsey Rd. to Macarthur Rd.

Priscilla Rd. Patton Rd. to Elder Ballou Meeting House Rd.

Nimitz Rd. Halsey Rd. to Macarthur Rd.

Patton Rd. Nimitz Rd. to Macarthur Rd.


Please note, the sections of the above-mentioned roadways will be closed and detoured during the Grids restoration work and no street parking will be allowed. We apologize for any inconvenience that this roadwork may cause you and request that you plan in advance to minimize disruptions. The road reconstruction dates listed above are subject to change due to inclement weather.


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