North Carolina is bracing for possible tornadoes today after Tropical Depression Claudette took 13 lives in Alabama. Ten of those happened in a crash on a wet freeway, including eight children in a van and a baby in an SUV. The storm is expected to regain strength overnight.       A New Zealand weightlifter is making history as the first transgender athlete picked to compete in the Olympics. Laurel Hubbard will take part in the women's super heavyweight category in August. The 43-year-old says she's "grateful and humbled" by all the kindness and support.        Don't plan on driving to Canada or Mexico just yet. The borders are staying closed until at least July 21st. Homeland Security revealed another 30-day extension yesterday. The COVID travel restrictions have been in place since March of last year and were set to expire today.        A Florida community is trying to heal after what appears to be a tragic accident at a Pride parade. A vigil was held last night for two men run over by a truck on Saturday. One died at the hospital, the other is expected to survive. Police say the driver leading the parade lost control.       Sixty Catholic Democrats in Congress are asking bishops not to deny President Biden holy sacrament because of his views on abortion. They all signed a letter that says elected officials should not be threatened because they support policies that aren't in line with Church teachings.        Ranked-choice voting is being used for the first time in New York City's Democratic mayoral primary. Voters rank up to five of the 13 candidates based on their preference. Once the polls close tomorrow, the candidate in last place is eliminated and those votes get reallocated.