The General Services Administration will begin the formal transition process with Joe Biden. The GSA chief sent a letter to the President-elect informing him that she made up her own mind. Despite not feeling pressure from the White House, Emily Murphy said she has received threats online, by phone and by mail. President Trump referred to the notice on Twitter, saying her decision was his recommendation.       Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is reportedly President-elect Joe Biden's choice for Treasury Secretary. The 74-year-old Yellen would be the first woman to run the Treasury Department. She was nominated by President Obama to run the Federal Reserve and served as Fed Chair from 2014-2018.        Nursing homes in the U.S. continue to see a record number of new COVID-19 cases this month due to community spread among the general population. According to Johns Hopkins University, new cases of coronavirus in nursing homes grew more than 110-percent between mid-September and November 8th. Residents of long-term care facilities account for only eight-percent of the nation's cases but forty-percent of its deaths.       Elon Musk is the second-richest person on the planet. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index shows the Tesla founder has passed Bill Gates with a net worth of 127-point-nine-billion dollars. Bloomberg notes Musk added over 100-billion dollars to his net worth this year. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is still number one with roughly 182-billion dollars in net worth.        Content creators can now earn up to a million dollars on Snapchat. The app company launched a new initiative for creators called Snapchat Spotlight and will pay them for the most-viewed daily video posts. The new feature will show users a stream of publicly submitted posts surfaced based on personalized content algorithms.       The staff at an Ohio restaurant was shocked when a customer left a three-thousand dollar tip on one beer. The location temporarily shut down last night due to surging coronavirus cases. But just before the doors closed, a customer ordered a beer at the bar. He took two sips, signed his check and put it down next to the owner, telling him to share with the staff.