Woonsocket City Council Meeting - October 19, 2020

This is an update for the meeting: City Council Meeting - Oct 19 2020
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City Council Meeting - Oct 19 2020

President Trump says Democratic nominee Joe Biden's comments about moving away from fossil fuels may be the most shocking ever in the history of presidential debates. He campaigned in The Villages, Florida, where he rattled off a list of energy-producing states and asked if they're paying attention. Trump said Biden proved last night he's not up to the job of being president.       Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala [[ COMMA-lah ]] Harris is ripping the Trump Administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic. She campaigned in Atlanta today and said the pandemic has hit African-Americans especially hard.        Dr. Anthony Fauci [[ FOW-chee ]] says the United States is in a precarious position as coronavirus cases skyrocket and cold weather arrives. He says the U.S. just broke 70-thousand cases in one day, the highest number since July. He says incoming cool weather means a lot of activity will be inside where the virus is more likely to spread.        The Senate is having a rare weekend session as it considers the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The Senate returns tomorrow after debate on her nomination began today. Senate Republican leaders aim to have a confirmation vote on Monday.        The family of a missing University of Washington professor is calling on search teams to continue looking for him. Sam Dubal left on a hiking trip to Mount Rainier National Park on October 9th. The 33-year-old assistant professor was reported missing on October 12th and helicopter search efforts have been hampered by bad weather since Wednesday.       Late night host Jimmy Kimmel says voters need to consider health care and the benefits of the Affordable Care Act when voting in this election. His comments come as his three-year-old son Billy had to undergo three heart surgeries after he was born. The talk show host shared a video his wife made showing their son's recovery from open heart surgery just days after his birth.