March 21, 2020



Good afternoon,


Please see the attached Executive Order that I am issuing today.


This supplement to the Order issued on March 15, 2020 extends the State of Emergency in North Smithfield to April 5th which parallels the timeline for the current distance learning initiatives. Essentially its issue will result in our obligation to comply with national and state orders. It reduces the size of any allowed gathering to ten, changes the rules for restaurants as it relates to sale of alcoholic beverages and details our efforts to continue municipal services while taking measures to protect the public and our personnel from spread of the virus.


In the multiple conference calls that I have participated in late this week with state leadership, it has been voiced over and over again how important these next few days could be to flatten the data curve related to this virus. We need every adult and child to optimize compliance with social distancing parameters, and especially on the weekend, we need everyone to simply stay home whenever possible.



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Wall Street is ending another volatile week in the red. The major indexes lost ground after a dismal jobs report and the continued rise in COVID-19 cases. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 360 points at 21-052. The S&P 500 lost 38 points to 24-88. The Nasdaq fell 114 points to 73-73.       The Supreme Court is suspending oral arguments during the coronavirus crisis. The court said in a statement today it would decide all cases left in the term based on the written briefs.       President Trump says the U.S. is taking advantage of low oil prices by "filling up the national reserves." Meeting with oil industry executives at the White House, Trump said Saudi Arabia and Russia appear to want to work out their ongoing dispute over oil. The rift has caused a great disruption in global oil markets.        Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders calls the coronavirus outbreak an unprecedented crisis that requires a bold response. Sanders told MSNBC that the government should be doing much more to help American workers.       California Governor Gavin Newsom says his state is doing its best to prepare for a surge of coronavirus patients during the current lull. More than eleven-thousand people have tested positive for the virus in California. Nearly 250 people have died.       The company that makes Corona beer says it will temporarily stop brewing and exporting the product after it was declared non-essential by the Mexican government during the pandemic. Mexico's Grupo Modelo exports Corona to 180 countries and released a statement saying the suspension will begin Sunday.