January 16, 2020



WOONSOCKET, R.I: Mayor Lisa-Baldelli-Hunt announced today that all departments in Woonsocket City Hall that interact with the public have extended their office hours until 4:30 p.m. These departments include Building & Inspections, Planning & Zoning, Public Works, Personnel, Board of Canvassers, City Clerk, Tax Assessor and Treasury/Tax Collection. Previously, the majority of these departments had closed at 4:00 p.m.
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt explained her rationale for keeping City Hall offices open an additional thirty minutes each day. “Given that government is of the people, by the people, for the people, I thought it was important to extend the hours of City Hall to accommodate residents as well as the overall public since City government should be as accessible as possible to all,” noted Mayor Baldelli-Hunt.

City Council President Daniel Gendron supports the change in hours. “Extending City Hall’s hours of operation is an important modification that I am pleased to see. It is a simple way to further extend the first-rate customer service City Hall already offers.”

“We are happy to extend our City Hall office hours an additional thirty minutes each day to better meet the needs of our residents, establishments and other constituents who just could not get all of their City Hall business done by 4:00 p.m.,” exclaimed Mayor Baldelli-Hunt. “We learned that being open an extra thirty minutes each day really helps to accommodate their busy schedules.” The Mayor added, “We are constantly working to make it easier for residents and other users to get things done at City Hall whether it be through providing the longer operating hours or by offering online permitting, payment methods and applications.”


Stocks continue to take a beating on Wall Street amid worries over the coronavirus. The major indexes logged their worst week since the 2008 financial crisis with the Dow down more than a thousand points earlier in the day. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 357 points to close at 25-409. The S&P 500 fell 24 points to 29-54. The Nasdaq gained less than a point to end the session at 85-67.        The U.S. is set to sign a deal with the Taliban to set the stage for ending America's longest war. President Trump is sending Secretary of State Mike Pompeo [[ POM-pay-oh ]] to Qatar to witness the signing of a peace deal. The two sides have been fighting since 2001 and ending the Afghanistan War is one of Trump's 2016 campaign promises.       Bernie Sanders is attacking President Trump for holding a campaign rally instead of taking action on the coronavirus outbreak. Speaking to supporters in South Carolina, Sanders said the virus outbreak is "very frightening" and President Trump is not doing enough to collaborate with scientists and world leaders. He called Trump's efforts "pathetic."        Elizabeth Warren is making a last-minute appeal to South Carolinians before the state's primary. Speaking to supporters in Greenville, the Massachusetts senator said voters have the chance to build an America that brings out the best of our values. Warren touted herself as the woman who is going to beat President Trump. She called the past three years of Trump's administration "rugged" and voters need to get rid of him.       Harvey Weinstein is reportedly being treated for chest pains after being convicted of rape and sexual assault on Monday. NBC 4 New York reports the disgraced movie mogul will remain in custody until his sentencing on March 11th and will not ask to be released before then. He faces up-to-25-years in prison.       A group of people are planning to get married on Leap Day at a mass wedding ceremony in Hell, Michigan. The Reverend Yvonne Williams, who is officiating, says, "When you get married in Hell, there's nowhere for your marriage to go but up." The ceremony will fittingly take place at 2:29 p.m.